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sphères explosives (dites directives ATEX). sanding completely compressed air from the low consumption, ideal for areas that require ATEX. ST1-P Industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with wheels. ST1-N & ST1 lever Is the joystick going to be used in an Atex/Ex environment?

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ST1-N & ST1 lever Is the joystick going to be used in an Atex/Ex environment? Should dead man's function be integrated? Which output signal is going to be  Защита от переполюсовки, есть, есть, есть. Защита от обрыва провода, есть, есть, есть. Стандарты соответствия, СЕ, ГОСТ-Р, ATEX, СЕ, ГОСТ-Р, СЕ,  Versioni ATEX (ST1-KST=200 a 8 bar) per i modelli CO-6 e CO-9. • Sistema di estinzione incendio (a polvere o liquido). • Plenum insonorizzato di diffusione  •Handles air volumes from 6000-500 000 m3/h (3,500-294,000 cfm) •ATEX- certified for St1 and St2 dust with a Kst value up to 300 bar m/s •Compact design Industriesauger ATEX Z22 II3GD: Für explosive Späne, Stäube und Gase der Staubexplosionsklassen St1, St2 und St3 in der Zone 22.

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stainless steel container, tilt or lift off! And a robust steel frame. A filtration bag to be used for dust in class St1, St2, St3 in zone   Ashok: Combustible dusts are ranked into one of four classes; ST0, ST1, ST2, ST3. The level of explosion violence increases with the class number.


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5 Pages. ST1-P. 4 Pages.

10. 0,9. St1, St2. 2 - 8.
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St2 : 200 < Kst < 300. St3 : 300 < Kst < 600.
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B-FLAP  Обе системы сертифицированы на соответствие стандарту ATEX. 1. 3. 2. 4.